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An Index represents a single tensor index with fixed size m. Copies of an Index compare equal unless their "prime levels" are set to different values.

An Index has a name just for printing purposes, and an Index carries an IndexType label (typically Site or Link—see index conventions).

Index is defined in "itensor/index.h".


auto i = Index("index i",4);
Print(i.m()); //prints i.m() = 4

//Copies of the same Index compare equal
auto ii = i; //ii is a copy of i
Print(ii == i); //prints "true"

//The prime level of an Index can be
//adjusted to make it distinct
Print(ii.primeLevel()); //prints ii.primeLevel() = 2
Print(ii == i); //prints "false"

Print(ii == i); //prints "true"


Accessor Methods

Prime Level Class Methods

Operators and Conversions

Other Index Class Methods

Prime Level Functions

Other Functions

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