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ITensor Codes (version 2 compatible)

Open-source codes based on ITensor for a variety projects and tasks. If you have a high-quality code you'd like listed here, please contact us. Codes extending core ITensor features may become candidates for inclusion in ITensor at a later date.

(Codes listed here are maintained separately from ITensor by the maintainers shown next to each code. Please contact them directly if you have any issues with or questions about the codes.)

If you would like help upgrading your code to version 3 of ITensor, please contact us.

Name Maintainers Description
DMRGPy Jose Lado DMRGPy is a Python library to compute quasi-one-dimensional spin chains and fermionic systems using matrix product states with DMRG as implemented in ITensor. Most of the computations can be performed both with DMRG and exact diagonalization for small systems, which allows one to benchmark the results.
Finite T MPS Benedikt Bruognolo
Miles Stoudenmire
Codes for finite temperature calculations with MPS techniques, including the minimally entangled typical thermal states (METTS) algorithm applied to 2D systems.
iTEBD Hoi Hui A single header file for itebd calculations based on the ITensor library, with example driver codes.
Parallel DMRG Miles Stoudenmire Real-space parallel DMRG code. Works for both single MPO Hamiltonians and Hamiltonians that are a sum of separate MPOs. Uses MPI to communicate DMRG boundary tensors across nodes.
Tensor Network Machine Learning Miles Stoudenmire Handwriting recognition using matrix product states (MPS) to parameterize the weights of the model, and a DMRG-like algorithm to optimize.

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