Reading and Writing MPS or MPO To/From Disk

The following formula is for an MPS, but works the same for an MPO.

Writing an MPS to a File

Writing an MPS to disk is easy. Say you have an MPS created using a particular SiteSet class called 'sites':

int N = 100; //number of sites
SpinHalf sites(N); //SpinHalf is a subclass of SiteSet
MPS psi(sites);

Write both the SiteSet and MPS to disk using writeToFile:


You can choose any file names you want.

Reading an MPS from a File

Reading an MPS (or MPO) from disk requires three steps: (1) restoring the SiteSet class originally used to construct the MPS; (2) using it to construct a new MPS; (3) reading the MPS data from disk. This is easier than it sounds. Continuing with the above example:

SpinHalf sites;
MPS psi(sites);

Including Information in the File Name

A nice trick is to use the format string formatting function to add extra information to filenames:

writeToFile(format("sites_%d",N),sites); //file name will be sites_100
writeToFile(format("psi_%d",N),psi);     //file name will be psi_100

Of course, make sure to use the same file names when you read the objects back from disk:

int N = 100;

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