Basics of ITensor

Tensor Network Fundamentals

ITensor Library Tutorials

  • Choosing DMRG Parameters

    Learn how to choose optimal parameters (number of sweeps; cutoff; etc) for DMRG calculations of ground states.

  • Introduction to AutoMPO

    Instead of making MPOs by hand, ITensor has a facility to create MPOs using a simple interface resembling hand-written mathematical notation.

C++ Utilities

  • ITensor Input Parameter System

    ITensor comes with an optional input parameter system you can use to read simulation parameters from an external file.

  • The "Args" Named Arguments System

    Args is a system used in ITensor to pass named parameters to functions, and can be a useful addition to your own code. Examples of named arguments include SVD accuracy parameters ("Maxm", "Cutoff") and parameters controlling the amount of information printed by an algorithm.

  • Git Quickstart Guide

    Git is the version control system used to maintain ITensor. Learn the basic git workflow and how to contribute to the ITensor code base.

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