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Installing ITensor

Installing the Julia version of ITensor is easy once you have the Julia language installed. For more information about installing Julia, please see the Julia language downloads page.

Once you have installed Julia on your machine,

  1. Enter the command julia to launch an interactive Julia session (a.k.a. the Julia "REPL")
  2. Type ] to enter the package manager (pkg> prompt should now show)
  3. Enter the command add ITensors
  4. After installation completes, press backspace to return to the normal julia> prompt
  5. [Optional but Recommended] Enter the command
     julia> using ITensors; ITensors.compile() 
    to compile a large fraction of the ITensor library code and following the instructions afterward to make an alias for loading a pre-built ITensor system image with Julia. This step can take up to 10 minutes to complete but only has to be done once for each version of ITensor. See this page for more information.

Sample screenshot:

For extra tips about installing Julia on a cluster machine, see this page. To enhance the performance of ITensor, we recommend installing the MKL library.

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