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Enhancing Performance by Installing MKL

To have the highest-performing possible code, we recommend the use of the Intel MKL library which offers state-of-the-art BLAS and LAPACK routines for linear algebra. This is especially true for machines using Intel CPUs.

To install and configure Julia to use MKL, just do the following steps:

  1. type julia to enter an interactive Julia session
  2. type ] to enter the package manager (pkg> prompt should now show)
  3. enter the command add MKL

Note that after entering this command, the MKL library will be compiled from source on your machine, which can take quite a long time but only happens once. To check that it worked, you can enter the Julia commands using LinearAlgebra; BLAS.vendor() which should return :mkl if MKL was successfully installed. (You may need to restart Julia for this change to take effect.)

For more information, see the MKL.jl Github repo.

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