Citing ITensor

If you publish work using ITensor, please cite the paper:

"The ITensor Software Library for Tensor Network Calculations",
Matthew Fishman, Steven R. White, E. Miles Stoudenmire,

You can use the following BibTex for LaTeX documents:

  title={The \mbox{ITensor} Software Library for Tensor Network Calculations},
  author={Matthew Fishman and Steven R. White and E. Miles Stoudenmire},

We currently maintain a list of papers using ITensor.


We are grateful for ongoing support from the Simons Foundation, through the Flatiron Institute, Center for Computational Quantum Physics.

ITensor was initiated through the generous support of the DOE under award DE-SC0008696 and the NSF under award DMR-1812558, both of which continue to support the efforts of Steven R. White and his group.

Contributing to ITensor

The source for the ITensor software can be found on Github.

We welcome high-quality contributions as Github pull requests. If you are planning to make large changes, please contact us to discuss your plans first.

ITensor Collaboration

Matthew Fishman
Flatiron Institute
Center for Computational Quantum Physics (CCQ)

E. Miles Stoudenmire
Flatiron Institute
Center for Computational Quantum Physics (CCQ)

Steven R. White
University of California Irvine