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Hi Miles,

Is it possible to have superposed states like ("up" + "down")/sqrt(2.0) for spin-1/2 systems using IQTensor?

I have tried to manually set the elements, but since the divergence of different sectors are different, I am not allowed to do so. Is there any workaround for that?

I have a N-site Hamiltonian, which conserves the spin-z quantum number, and I just want to evolve the system (using Trotter decomposition) with initial product state which has superposed states (like the above) at every site.

with regards,

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Hi Titas,
Thanks for the question. My initial reaction is that this just isn't what the IQTensor system is intended for. What you are asking for is to create a state which doesn't have well-defined quantum numbers but still use tensors which keep track of the (non-existent) quantum numbers. Such tensors would not be block-sparse in your case so all of the extra IQTensor bookkeeping, even if it was allowed, would just slow down the code for no advantage.

I hope that answer is helpful. Are you ok with just using ITensors and MPS for your case rather than IQTensors and IQMPS?

Best regards,

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