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Dear ITensor team,

apologises in advance for the quite trivial question : what is the easiest or/and fastest way to implement a spin Hamiltonian with autoMPO of the type
H = \sum_j c1 \vec{S}_j \dot \vec{S}_{j+1} + c2 [ \vec{S}_j \dot \vec{S}_{j+1} ]^2 + c_3 [ \vec{S}_j \dot \vec{S}_{j+1} ]^3 + ...
with $\vec{S}$ a spin S (for example spin 1) vector of operators ?

Thanks a lot for your time and the great service to the community!

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Hi Jacopo,
Although it sounds tedious, the approach you'll need to take is to just expand the dot product into a sum of products of non-vector-operator terms. It should only make your AutoMPO input for loops a bit more complicated but AutoMPO will be able to handle this input well and give you an optimally compressed MPO.

Best regards,

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Hi, Jacopo.
Here's the biquadratic autompo
You need to use Sm and Sp instead of Sx and Sy to avoid error from autompo.
             ampo += K11/4.0,"Sp*Sp",j,"Sm*Sm",j+1;
         ampo += K11/4.0,"Sm*Sm",j,"Sp*Sp",j+1;
         ampo += K11/4.0,"Sp*Sm",j,"Sm*Sp",j+1;
         ampo += K11/4.0,"Sm*Sp",j,"Sp*Sm",j+1;
         ampo += K11/1.0,"Sz*Sz",j,"Sz*Sz",j+1;
         ampo += K11/2.0,"Sp*Sz",j,"Sm*Sz",j+1;
         ampo += K11/2.0,"Sm*Sz",j,"Sp*Sz",j+1;
         ampo += K11/2.0,"Sz*Sp",j,"Sz*Sm",j+1;
         ampo += K11/2.0,"Sz*Sm",j,"Sz*Sp",j+1;
For higher-quadratic terms, you can use mathematica to expand it.
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