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I have cloned the git repository just yesterday, followed the instructions (adapting options.mk to linux) and could, without trouble, compile all files involved in the makefile within the home folder itensor.

Yet, the sample and tutorial makefiles throw errors. Although options.mk is loaded, there seems to be no mentioning of $(BLAS_ LAPACK_ LIBFLASG).

Adding this to the corresponding line, i.e.


did the job for me. I did not want to post this as a bug report, since I am still unsure whether I did something wrong.

(Please note that I added spaces after _ to avoid syntax interpretation)

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That is a bit strange that you need to add that, since in the `options.mk.sample` I see:


and later:


so `LIBFLAGS` should include `BLAS_LAPACK_LIBFLAGS`. What are the errors you are getting?

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I see that you are calling it `BLAS_ LAPACK_ LIBFLASG`, is it possible you accidentally renamed it in your `options.mk`? It should be `BLAS_ LAPACK_ LIBFLAGS`.

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Haha, god damn it. This took me one hour. You are correct, somehow FLAGS became FLASG, but I have do idea how this happened. I fixed it and now your original makefiles work. Thanks!

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