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I was wondering if there is a way to compress an MPS without doing another operation? The context is that I want to apply an MPO to an MPS, then process the resulting MPS, and then reduce the bond dimension. So I basically want to postpone compressing the MPS until after I process, rather than after the MPO is applied.


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Hi Nick,
The operation I believe you are looking for is .orthogonalize(). For an MPS psi you can call psi.orthogonalize({"MaxDim=",maxdim,"Cutoff=",cutoff}); to compress its bonds using the truncation parameters maxdim and cutoff. Afterward it will be in right-orthogonal form with site 1 as the orthogonality center. This operation doesn't rely on any prior assumption about whether psi is in a well-defined gauge or canonical form or not.

Here's a documentation page that mentions it:

Best regards,

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Perfect, thanks!
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