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There is no example given in the ITensor Julia version for a sample code for a 2 dimensional hamiltonian. I want to find the 2D hamiltonian. What function for the Julia Version can be used to make a square lattice, similar to C++ ITensor version, whose example is also mentioned in the website.

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We need to advertise it better on the website and documentation, but there is an "examples" directory on the Github page here: https://github.com/ITensor/ITensors.jl/tree/master/examples/dmrg

The notation is nearly the same as in C++.


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Thank you so much Matt, for your answer, I did check on github! great help !
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Thanks for asking about this. I would definitely suggest looking at the codes in the examples folder in the ITensor source, as Matt recommends.

Also I just added a new "code formula" for 2D DMRG based on one of the example codes. You can view it here:

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Thanks a lot MIles, for adding the same for Julia version. !
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