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I tried to use the wave function obtained form previous calculation as an initial wave function of dmrg calculation(I stored the wave function in the hard disk "./Wave/Psi", but the MPO is not stored), and I obtained MPO via AutoMPO by using the same rules as before. The id in site-indices of MPO is different form the ones of MPS read form disk, I met some problems in replacing the site-indices of MPO by the ones of MPS. The key code is as follow

auto psi = readFromFile<MPS>("./Wave/Psi");
auto newIndexSet = siteInds(psi);

vector<Index> indexMPO;
for (auto i : range1(length(H)))
       auto siteIndexSet = siteInds(H, i);

auto oldIndexSet = IndexSet(indexMPO);

H.replaceSiteInds(oldIndexSet, newIndexSet);      // out arrow indices of MPO
H.replaceSiteInds(oldIndexSet.dag(), newIndexSet.dag()); // in arrow indices of MPO

But the code do not change the id in site-indices of MPO, could you give me some help?, thanks .

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I  achieved the same purpose by storing MPS and SiteSet simultaneously.  I read SiteSet  form disk at first when continue to optimizeļ¼Œ and then initialize MPS and MPO by the SiteSet.
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Great! That is what I was going to recommend doing. Does this now solve your problem to write and read the site set also?

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Yes, this solved my problem.

Best regards
ZHOU Zongsheng
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Great- I will post below to mark the question as answered.

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(Please see discussion above.)

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