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I wonder if it possible to reuse the old files in hams/ in ITensor 2. Is there some reason that they disappeared? Thank you!


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Hi Xiongjie,
Thanks for the question. Any of those files should work in ITensor 2 with only minor updates. Let me know if there's a particular one you want to use and I could post an updated version.

However, the reason I didn't include them in the new version is that all of these Hamiltonians can now be made with AutoMPO, most very easily. The 2d Hamiltonians would be slightly tougher to do by hand, but to help with them I added some functions which work out the logic of making the 2d lattice for you.

I just added a Code Formula explaining how to use these lattice helper functions to make the triangular lattice Heisenberg model using AutoMPO. Here is the link:

To get these lattice helper functions you'll need to pull the very latest version of ITensor from github.

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Hi Miles,
Thank you! That Code Formula is quite helpful.

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