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I am not able to save a state using the WriteToFile function.
The code returns the following error:
Index::write: Index is default initialized

It's not clear to me why it's happening.
I have a bosonic system of size N with a certain cut-off to the Fock space.
The state is the following:
|\psi\rangle = |0 0 ...\rangle \otimes |\psi0\rangle \otimes |00..0\rangle
where @@|\psi
0\rangle@@ is a certain state. Since I am able to compute local quantites and perform a TEBD real time evolution I don't see any issue with the state itself (e.g. mismatch with indices).
Could you help me?

Thank you in advance.

closed with the note: There was a little error in the link indices when I built the state.
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Thanks for posting an update on this! I was going to ask. Glad you figured it out.
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