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I am writing an MPS along with the expectation values of some operators computed with respect to that MPS to an HDF5 file. I can successfully use the following command to read the MPS:


However, I am not sure how to read the expectation values. What "type" should I use in that case? I have tried the following:


But it doesn't work. I am using the Julia version of ITensor.

Thank you!

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Hi, good question. I believe all you’ll need to put is


And it will figure out the type for you.

We are working on an improved interface where you can also leave off the type for ITensor related types but right now it’s required. For some more information, when you are writing and reading native Julia types like floats, the write and read functions are just those from the HDF5.jl library. But we have created overloads of write and read for writing and reading ITensor types.


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Thanks for the prompt response, Miles! This works.
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