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Hello,I have read the question "Can I time-evolve the system with three-site interaction by using TEBD?" which was showed 6 days ago. Miles said the TDVP in Julia had not been done.I want to express my idea about it.
Useing the
s = siteinds("electron",N;conserve_qns=true)
to define the siteinds. We use its MPO because the one site in "electron" form suggests two electrons.We set a identity matrix to the first electron of first site and "three-site interaction" can be set on the rest of 3 electron.
Maybe I don't express it clearly.If you can understand my mean,can you tell me the feasibility?

Best regards,

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Hi cgh,
Sorry but I don't think I understand the idea you're proposing. Is it an idea for an interface to the (upcoming) Julia TDVP code?


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