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Hi Miles,

I have been trying to do the iDMRG calculation using the idmrg function.

But every time the calculation stops at step 3 with the following in the terminal

iDMRG Step = 3, N=12 sites
Initial energy = -9.74864055676848728638
area(phi.front().inds()) = 81
A.size() = 45369
From line 99, file /home/sam/Desktop/itensor/itensor/itensor/eigensolver.h

davidson: size of initial vector should match linear matrix size

davidson: size of initial vector should match linear matrix size
Aborted (core dumped)

I don't know if it is a problem in my code or not.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi Sam, which version of ITensor are you using? I once had similar problems using the most recent version, and they disappeared when I tried an earlier version, e.g. v2.0.11.
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Hi chengshu! Many thanks for your reply. I am using the latest version. I will try the earlier version.
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Which version did you use to avoid the problem?
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So I used v2.0.11, which you can find at https://github.com/ITensor/ITensor/tree/v2.0.11 (Note that this is not the version you get when you pull the library directly from https://github.com/ITensor/ITensor)
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Hi Sam, thanks for reporting this: I am working to fix it today. It's definitely a bug that I need to address and I think I know what's causing it.

Chengshu, you are right that 2.0.11 works so thanks for suggesting that as a temporary workaround.

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Hi Sam,
Thanks for pointing out this bug. I just pushed a fix on the ITensor master branch, so idmrg ought to work again now even if you do a git pull to get the very latest github version. Of course please let me know if you run into another issue.


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