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Is there a way to update the MPS constructor so that the initial state has some default values? This would be a nice feature.



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Hi Jon, could you clarify which behavior you'd like? Which version of the MPS constructor are you referring to specifically? The one that just takes a site set makes a random product state MPS. There is also one that takes an InitState which makes a specific product state that you can request. Thanks -
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I think that is all I wanted to know; do you know properties of the initial random MPS?
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Ok thanks for clarifying. So it's a product state with totally random entries for each tensor (the tensor for each site). The only constraint on the random entries is that they are always real.

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(See answer to question above.)

Jon, I updated the MPS documentation page to clarify that the product state made by the MPS(sites) constructor is real-valued.

Here is the link:


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