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I am performing time evolution through fitApplyMPO, however, the process is very slow compared to the DMRG algorithm.
In an attempt to speed up the calculation, I have tried adding compile flags -march=native and -O2 when compiling my own program through CMake, but doing this actually slows down the whole program. The README mentions linking the options.mk file, but I don't know how to achieve this in CMake.
Which flags/setting should I use in my CMakeList in order for my program to utilize ITensor to its fullest?

Note, I have compiled ITensor with Intel MKL.

Thank you!

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The tensor flow library was not compiled to use SSE instructions.But these are available on your machine and can speed up CPU computations.Tensor flow programs typically run faster in GPU than CPU.So if your system has a NVIDIA GPU and you need to run perfomance critical applications,you should ultimately build and install this version.You can refer write my essay to get a best guidelines and suggestion to write your essays.

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