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I thought I'd modify the code in this post here to use IQMPS:

int N=100;
auto sites = Hubbard(N,{"ConserveNf",true,"ConserveSz",true});
auto state = InitState(sites);
for(int i=1;i<=50;i+=2){

auto psi = IQMPS(state);
for(int n = 52; n <= N-1; n += 2){
    auto s1 = sites(n);
    auto s2 = sites(n+1);
    auto wf = IQTensor(s1,s2);
    wf.set(s1(1),s2(2), ISqrt2);
    wf.set(s1(2),s2(1), -ISqrt2);
    IQTensor D;
    psi.Aref(n) = IQTensor(s1);
    psi.Aref(n+1) = IQTensor(s2);
    psi.Aref(n) *= D;
auto ampo = AutoMPO(sites);
for(auto i : range1(N)){
    ampo+= 1,"Ntot",i;
auto H = IQMPO(ampo);

cerr << "IQMPO:" << overlap(psi,H,psi) << endl;

The printout I get is:

totalQN(psi) = (Sz=0,Nf=50)

IQMPO:From line 207, file ITensor/itensor/itensor_interface.ih

Wrong number of IndexVals passed to real/cplx (expected 4, got 0)

I expect the quantum number to be Nf=100 instead of 50. Any idea what is going on? While the crash is concerning I'm curious as to how the IQMPS doesn't see the fermions that have been added

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