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I am modifying the code provided by the following link in order to calculate the spin-spin correlation function between site b and b+2.
However, my naive modification (attached below) with replacing b+1 by b+2 does not work.
Could you help me to solve this problem? Thanks!


    ITensor bondket = psi.A(b)*psi.A(b+2);
    ITensor bondbra = dag(prime(bondket,Site)); 

    ITensor zzop = sites.op("Sz",b)*sites.op("Sz",b+2); 
    ITensor pmop = 0.5*sites.op("S+",b)*sites.op("S-",b+2); 
    ITensor mpop = 0.5*sites.op("S-",b)*sites.op("S+",b+2);

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I believe the above method works only for a correlation between two adjacent sites. I would use the following method to calculate the correlation between any two sites:



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Good answer, Niraj. Also here is a "code formula" about two-point correlation functions as well
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Dear Niraj and Miles,
I have solve the problem, thanks a lot!
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