QN Index

An Index object can be given additional quantum number (QN) block structure when it is constructed. This structure cannot be changed afterward.

In addition to the QN structure, a set of tags and an Arrow direction (In,Out) can be specified when constructing an Index.


// Construct an Index with QN information
// 3 blocks, total size 4+8+4=16
auto I = Index(QN({"Sz", 2}),4,
               QN({"Sz", 0}),8,

// Provide Arrow direction and tags
auto J = Index(QN({"T", 1}),3,

// Make an Index with five blocks
// and total size 4+8+10+8+4=34
auto I = Index(QN(+2),4,
               QN( 0),10,

Print(dim(I)); //prints: dim(I) = 16

//Get number of blocks of I
Print(nblock(I)); //prints: nblock(I) = 3

//Get information about block 2
Print(blocksize(I,2)); //prints: blocksize(I,2) = 8
Print(qn(I,2));    //prints: QN({"Sz",0})

//Get direction of I
Print(dir(I)); //prints: dir(I) = Out

Index properties

  • .dag()

    dag(Index I) -> Index

    Change the arrow direction of the Index.

  • dir(Index I) -> Arrow

    Return the Arrow direction of this Index.

  • nblock(Index I) -> int

    Return the number of QN blocks of this Index.

  • qn(Index I, int j) -> QN

    Return the QN of block j.

  • blocksize(Index I, int j) -> int

    Return the block size of block j.

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