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Can we run parallel calculation for tDMRG in iTensor?

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Thanks for the question. We don’t have a parallel time evolution code available. Just out of curiosity though, what part of the algorithm were you hoping to parallelize and did you mean across multiple cores or using MPI across different nodes?

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Hi Miles,

Thank you for quick response! Since I'm doing time evolution on MPS by MPO, the thing I wanna parallelize is applyMPO across multiple cores.
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I see, thanks. I wanted  to ask just to know what kind of demand we had from our users for certain algorithms we might implement in the future. For that specific one, I should mention that it's not obvious to me how it could be parallelized. A lot of the operations are dependent on results of previous operations, so it's very far from the so-called "embarassingly parallel" ideal case. But at a minimum, one could always try more multi-core parallelism of the tensor contractions themselves, and that is something we are working on soon which will help many different algorithms. Best regards,  Miles
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I see. Indeed, it would be very helpful if iTensor could implement multi-core parallelism on SVD and tensor contraction. I'm looking forward to it! thank you very much~
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