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I have a question concerning the DMRGpy library installation https://github.com/joselado/dmrgpy

  1. I use Windows10 and installed Itensor via Cygwin64.
    In Anaconda Prompt I typed git clone https://github.com/joselado/dmrgpy

and set DMRGROOT="C:/Users/(...)/dmrgpy/src", and
in python script I wrote import os ; import sys ; sys.path.append(os.environ["DMRGROOT"])

I got the following error ImportError: cannot import name 'spinchain' from 'dmrgpy' (unknown location)

How one can relate libraries BLAS, LAPACK to dmrgpy?

  1. Is using DMRGpy as effective as Itensor? i.e. Is any problem to be computed in Itensor can be implemented in DMRGpy as well?

Sorry for the questions, however Joselado didn't replied.

Thank you.

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Hi, others on here who may have used DMRGpy could comment better. So I’ll just comment here and not post an official answer yet as I’m not knowledgeable about DMRGpy.

Unfortunately I can’t help you much with the installation because I’ve not used DMRGpy myself. I can’t really comment on its usefulness either, sorry. We don’t support it and you were right to try contacting Jose first.

But perhaps you may be interested to try the new Julia version of ITensor which is nearly done? It can be found here:
We’ve found that Julia is just as easy to use as python, and is even better in many respects for numerical programming & scientific computing. So please consider it for your work.

Best regards,

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