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Dear ITensor developers:

I am consider about the time evolution of electron wave packet in interacting model. First I got the ground state using static DMRG, the electron packet for example,

h^{\dagger}\left(k{0}\right)=\sum_{j} a_{j} e^{i k{0} j} c^{\dagger}_{j}

then I try to use the AutoMPO, toMPO, and applyMPO get the excited state $\left|\Psi{e}\right\rangle=h^{\dagger}\left(k{0}\right)\left|\Psi_{0}\right\rangle$, but the ITENSOR give me the errors
I = (dim=2|id=932|"l=39,Link")
1: 2 QN()
Q = QN({"Nf",1,-1},{"Sz",1})
From line 683, file index.cc
Index does not contain given QN block.

the minimal code is:
auto [energy, psi] = dmrg(H, psi0, sweeps);
auto AmpoTemp = AutoMPO(sites);// Hubbard Model
for (auto b : range1(int(N)))
AmpoTemp += Coefficent, "Cup", b;
auto Htemp=toMPO(AmpoTemp);
auto NewPsi=applyMPO(Htemp,psi,{"Method=","DensityMatrix","MaxDim=",1000,"Cutoff=",1E-8});// |y>=h|x>

If I change the Cup to Nup, it works. I want to know why and how to fix it. Many thanks!

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Hi, I'm not sure I totally see what you are asking, but is your question about doing the following steps:
1. compute the ground state
2. act on the ground state with an operator that creates an electron wave packet?

I think I see from your sample code that this is what you are trying to do.

Unfortunately there you may be running into a long-standing limitation of the AutoMPO system, which is that it does not correctly create a sum of single, fermionic C or Cdag operators. This is due to the necessity of including Jordan-Wigner string on all sites to the left of the operator, which is correctly handled for a pair of such operators but not currently for a single operator. So unfortunately it is a bug in ITensor just for this one case.

As a workaround for now, I could help you to make a custom code that creates the MPO you want, of the form \sumi ai Ci where ai is any set of coefficients and C_i is the electron annihilation operator. If you email me at mstoudenmire@flatironinstitute.org we can correspond about how to make this code. It is actually rather short code but you may need my help to make it correctly.


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Hi Miles, you got the points of my question.
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Here is the link to the custom code that makes an MPO which is a sum of coefficients times an electron creation or annihilation operator (of either spin):


To use it, pass the site set (set of site indices) for the MPO or your MPS, a string which should be either "Cup", "Cdn", "Cdagup", or "Cdagdn", and a std::vector of either real or complex coefficients. If you choose "Cup", say, then it will make an MPO equal to the following sum:

\sum_{j=1}^{N} w[j-1] Cup_j
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