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I tried to recompile my code (Trotter time-evolution with swap gates for bosonic sites) with version 3.1.7 (previously it was working with v3.1.6) and I get an error in some runs at certain points during the SVD.

The error message is "what(): Error condition in LAPACK SVD". I would assume this is due to the change in the implicit method for SVD in v3.1.7 to gesdd, which, as said in the documentation, "has been observed to crash depending on the LAPACK implementation used."

So my question would be if you have any intuition regarding the LAPACK implementations that I could use to not get this error? Or if do you know any workarounds for this kind of crash? Otherwise, I guess I should change my code to still use the "ITensor" method for the SVD before updating to v3.1.7.


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I'm not very knowledgeable about this stuff, so this is just a stab in the dark based on some gfortran - Lapack compatibility issues that I had in the past. If not using gfortran on Linux, you may wish to specify details of the installation like Windows/Linux/etc., the compiler and platform parts of the options.mk file for your build.

Assuming you are using gfortran and some default LAPACK on Linux:

Can't say about the specific issue you're facing, but if you're using a gfortran compiler, that may be a source of incompatibility between LAPACK and modern versions of the gfortran compiler. As I understand it, these issues stem come from the C-Fortran interfacing that wasn't standardized when LAPACK was written  but was introduced later. The problem I faced was for some eigenvalue solvers, I'm not sure if that extends into issues with SVD. I *think* the Reference LAPACK people are working on this, but it hadn't been fully fixed the last I checked.

Using OpenBLAS and the other options supplied for the PLATFORM=openblas in the comments of the options.mk file for my LAPACK solver has worked well for my Linux machine (running Fedora which comes with a modern gfortran compiler and LAPACK & OpenBLAS installed by default). I did have to adjust the path to the OpenBLAS, but that's reasonably quick to fix.

Other workarounds are to use a different gfortran compiler, but when I had done that in the past, it was a headache to get everything to build and run without error. Switching over to openblas and the -DHAVE_LAPACK_CONFIG_H etc in the make file was a much faster fix for the problem I had before.

Not sure if it'll circumvent your issue, but if you can copy or ITensor into your favorite compressed file and already have those options installed, it was relatively fast to remake and test for me.

 - Jared

P.S. Even for OpenBLAS is appeared to have a problem with gesdd at some point, but was fixed at least back by the start of 2021: https://github.com/xianyi/OpenBLAS/issues/3044
So, Openblas should be good to go for this particular routine.
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Thanks for your answer!

I'm using ITensor on a cluster, where it is compiled in a Debian 10 container using the GCC compiler.

The following flags related to LAPACK are used in options.mk:
BLAS_LAPACK_LIBFLAGS=-lmkl_intel_lp64 -lmkl_intel_thread -lmkl_rt -lmkl_core -liomp5 -lpthread

So the underlying implementation used is Intel MKL. This uses the version shipped with Debian 10, i.e. this one: (https://packages.debian.org/buster/libmkl-dev), which corresponds to Intel MKL version 2019.2.187.

As the SVD (with gesdd in v3.1.7) crash seems rather "random" to me, with the same code it can occur or not at some point during the time-evolution depending on the initial parameters, it is not easy to produce a minimal code that can exhibit the bug.

In this sense I was asking if anyone has an intuition regarding the compiler and LAPACK implementation that one can use for gesdd to work properly. We also have Intel OneAPI and OpenBLAS installed on the cluster I'm using, so I should be able to try them.
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Hi Catalin,
Speaking just for myself, I'm not aware of which LAPACK implementations do or don't have this bug. I've seen it in multiple LAPACK's so it might be an issue that affects most of them.

Note that:
- there is the "ITensor" "SVDMethod" option which does not suffer from this kind of crash but is slower (however this could be fine if SVD is not your main bottleneck anyway)
- there is also the "gesvd" option for "SVDMethod" which might not crash if you are finding "gesdd" does

Info about these options here:


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(See discussion above.)

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