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I am curious about 1D bose-fermion mixture with fermion is spinfull (up and down) . I set QN like this.
if the site is fermion:
Index(nameint("Emp",n),1,Site), QN({0,1}, {0,-1},{0,1}), // vaccum
Index(nameint("Up",n),1,Site), QN({1,1},{+1,-1},{0,1}), // Up fermion
Index(nameint("Dn",n),1,Site), QN({-1,1},{+1,-1},{0,1}), // Dn fermion
Index(nameint("UpDn",n),1,Site), QN({0,1}, {2,-1},{0,1})); // UpDn fermion
if the site is ths bosons:
Index(nameint("b1",n),1,Site), QN({0,1},{0,1},{1,1}),
Index(nameint("b2",n),1,Site), QN({0,1},{0,1},{2,1}),
Index(nameint("b3",n),1,Site), QN({0,1},{0,1},{3,1}));
Unfortuntanately, the program can be compiled, but can't work (IQIdex does not given QN block).
The first slot of QN mean "Sz", the second denotes fermion, the third is the boson.
can I do like this?

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    Just  changing the sign of the mod of the  second slot if the site is bosons. the program can works well.
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