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I am in the midst of reading the tutorials for ITensor in a bid to learn some DMRG for my research. However, the LaTeX notations are not rendering for me, for example on the TRG algorithm tutorial page. It's showing up in raw LaTeX syntax. I've tried different browsers and even on my phone but to no avail, so maybe the issue is not on my end. It was working fine several hours earlier! Is there any way this could be fixed?

Thank you very much!

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yes, I have noticed the same problem. But sometimes the formulas are showing up properly, and sometimes not

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Hi, thanks for the bug report. Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce this issue because it is working for me in Chrome, Safari, and iOS. Is it still not working for you? Perhaps it is because you have a firewall or some other internet situation that is blocking the content delivery network (CDN) that is used to render the MathJax (this is cdn.mathjax.org)?

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Hi Miles, thanks for the response.

It seems like MathJax doesn't render when itensor is accessed through https. Disabling https access for itensor (or simply just remove the 's' in https in the address bar) and MathJax renders again. Not sure why this happens, but putting it out there for anyone else experiencing the same issue!
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Thanks, this is also the case for me, so you have found the bug and it's reproducible on my machine as well. I think the fix may be to just make the CDN link also https. I'll look into it!
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Just changed and it fixes it for me. Please let me know if that doesn't fix it for you.
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It works for me as well. Thank you for fixing it!
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